Modern Diagnostic Center for Orthostatic and Musculoskeletal Disturbances in Vidin


On the 21st of February 2018 in the Bulgarian Telegraph Agency Vidin, а press conference has been held, on which Tsvetan Assenov, Deputy Mayor of Vidin Municipality, has presented the newly constructed modern diagnostic center for orthostatic and musculoskeletal distortions in Vidin.
He pointed out that the municipality is implementing the project “Development of diagnostic centers for postural and musculoskeletal disorders in school children in Serbia and Bulgaria”, financed by the INTERREG Program Bulgaria-Serbia. Leading partner is the Sports Union – Kniajevac. The main goal of the project is to build diagnostic centers for school children in both cities.
“During the implementation period, it is planned to review 1000 children and perform rehabilitation and gymnastics activities for those who need it. The children will be examined twice – initial and secondary review, and qualified doctors will be employed, “said Assenov.
Parents from both cities, Vidin and the Serbian town of Knjazevac, may include their children in a free campaign of reviews and subsequent treatment of postural and musculoskeletal disorders.
“After the completion of the activities, a joint sporting event will take place in Vidin between children who have undergone rehabilitation in Bulgaria and Serbia,” explained the Deputy Mayor of Vidin.
Diagnostic Center in Vidin is located in the building of the former dental clinic and is equipped with the latest generation of modern equipment.